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If you would like advice or to book an appointment, fill in the form below for a fast call back or call us! Or simply book online by pressing the yellow button. We are local.....

Oxford: 01865 238239

Wallingford/ Henley: 01491 902341

Abingdon: 01235 603103

Reading: 0118 449 2356

Thanks we will be in touch soon

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About Us

Wasp Warriors started life when Chief Warrior Tom worked for a council learning his trade in pest control. He realised pest control had gained a reputation as a stiff industry in the habit of over charging. So with a tongue in cheek attitude Wasp Warriors was born to change all that. More recently Mole Warriors has been introduced into the fray raising smiles all around Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Now in its seventh year, Wasp Warriors and Mole Warriors go from strength to strength as each year passes. We pride ourselves on improving the customer experience as we grow. However we still follow our basic rules that we had when we were founded:


1. Be on time

2. Be nice and friendly

3. Get the job done and answer questions along the way

4. Be the cheapest

5. Listen and improve (that’s why we now have

unmarked vehicles and a mobile-friendly number).


Thanks for your custom, we look forward hearing

from you...

BBC Radio talks wasps with Chief Warrior Tom

When BBC radio Oxford wanted to know more about wasps and bees we were only to happy to help. Chief Warrior Tom stepped in to talk with the hosts. If fact we went on to treat a wasp nest live on the radio. What could possibly go wrong? Listen in to find out more!

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