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How to get rid of a Wasp Nest..... The Wasp Warrior way

Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire Berkshire and Beyond

Wasp Nest Removal £75 inc. VAT: Explained 

Once we have arranged a convenient appointment time (usually within a two hour time slot), your wasp warrior will happily talk you through the course of action to remove your wasp nest. Wasp nests start forming in April when queen wasps awake from hibernation and start to produce worker wasps throughout the season until September when the nest will die. Remember we cover  Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Henley and many other places. For more information our coverage area our coverage map will explain all.


It is important to kill the wasp nest as soon as possible, because at the end of the season, around 1000 more queens wasps are produced ready to begin hibernation for the next season, making the issue worse. In fact, over winter take a look in your loft and you may well see what look like large dead wasps but are actually sleeping Queen wasps ready for the summer.

Do Wasps Nests cause damage?

These pictures are an important reminder of what can happen if a wasps nest is not treated and or removed. They show how a nest has eaten through a ceiling from the loft into a bedroom to make space for the expanding nest. Notice the dead wasps on the bed below? They are newborns who didn't survive.

wasp nest removal loft, oxford, hole, loft, ceilling
wasp nest removal loft, hole, ceiling, oxford, abingdon

What Equipment is needed to Kill a Wasp Nest?

Wasp nest removal, dustick

Your fully trained and certified technician will assess the situation and talk you through his or her course of action. There are regulation changes this year but after a health and safety assessment, the most common course of action is to use Ficam D (insecticide). This is applied directly into the nest. This can be done in several ways depending on the location and accessibility of the wasp nest. The pictures show some of equipment we may use to eradicate the nest (the mini dust-R and the Dustick).

wasp nest air brick, mini dust stick R

What happens after a Wasp Nest treatment? 

Once the powder has been applied, it is common for the wasps to be in an agitated state. The short video shows a boat that has just had the wasp nest treated.

Once a nest is dead, new wasps never go back to the same one. If however you seem to get repeated nests in the same area each year, your technician will be happy to discuss the steps you can take to minimize the problem in the future.

Once the wasp nest is dead it will decompose into dust wherever it may be, meaning there is no need to remove it. However some people like to put it in a bin bag and dispose of it. If you would like us to do that for you just ask.

Wasp Nests are mostly found in lofts, bushes, sheds and around windows. But as with everything in life there are exceptions. Our video example shows some bees settle in a lawn mower tucked away in a garage! Want to know more. Why not listen to chief Warrior Tom talk all things wasp on BBC Radio Oxford?

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