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6 Things You didn't Know About WASPS!

Wasps buzzing around your BBQ during lockdown? Socially distant picnickers paralysed by invading pests?  Garden fancy dress princes and princesses held hostage by crowds of wicked wasps?  In these uncertain times, wasps aren’t (unfortunately) in lockdown and neither are we! 


Wasps will still sting you and your loved ones, this is a fact of life.  But you’re in luck! 


We thought at Wasp Warriors (Ridding the World of Pesky Wasps since 2009) we would educate you with some little known facts about wasps and wasp nests. You know, just in case that wasp round comes up on your next Zoom quiz!  So, here are the facts:

Wasp Nest in a bush | Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Warriors

Remember Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal  £75 inc. VAT 

Wasps eating donuts at a picnic | Wasp Nest Removal | Waps Warriors

1. The good thing about wasps is...


What do you think wasps eat?  The obvious answer may seem to be “my sugar donut” But here is the thing: wasps are generally a gardener’s friend as they eat a lot of insects that damage plants and crops. Things like flies, aphids, caterpillars and other invertebrates. They are also important pollinators in the spring time. Wasp Warriors are on hand to keep them focusing on bugs and away from your donuts!

2. Wasps can be prey too! 


Some birds like to tuck into a fresh wasp when they are available, they are insect eaters after all.  And only the very brave of the brave rats and mice have been known to attack wasp nests for food. It is likely they are pretty desperate for food if they do of course and let’s hope they have an Epi pen at hand. 

Rat and mice eat wasps nests | Wasp Warriors
Wasps Trouble at picnic | Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Warriors

3. Only female wasps sting, and they can… repeatedly.


That’s right, it’s only the lady wasps that cause a pain at your picnic as they take interest in your chocolate cake. You might think then that the hippy male wasps would be seen smoking peace pipes and shouting “chill out” to female wasps as they sting anything in sight. Well, sadly not as male wasps are only produced by a queen to mate with new queens so there aren’t many around. What a life!  To add insult to injury, unlike honey bees who die after stinging wasps can go all day and night, stinging the night away!  

4. New homes for new wasps

The life cycle of a wasp nest means that a nest dies at the end of a season during those cold December months.  Only however if the wasp nest hasn’t been treated/removed by Wasp Warriors (still ridding the World of Pesky wasps since 2009). In the spring time Queen wasps that have been hibernating wake up and start building a nest. You would think they would simply carry on and use the nest from last year. But know a fresh start is their choice. Maybe it’s because they don’t need planning permission to start again? Either way, old nests crumble and collapse in their own time as they are only made of paper mache from garden furniture and the like.

Wasps Always start new nests | Wasp Nest Removal | Wasp Warriors
How long do wasps live for? | Wasp Nest Removal | Waps Warriors

5. How long do wasps live for?


To our humble human eyes let’s face it, all wasps look the same so it’s hard to see how old they are. We don’t have ankle monitors yet to see how old they actually get (one day maybe)! So don’t worry we can tell you. The answer is 12-22 days. Maybe that’s why they are so angry, they are jealous that we live so much longer?

6. Waft or sit still when a wasp is around? 


The million dollar question is: what to do when a wasp has taken a shine to you or your food and drink? Should you waft them away, flapping your hands manically or just stay still? The general consensus is to stay still and hope it flies away. If however the lady wasp stays, a gentle waft is in order to move it one. If it is a continual problem, try to locate the nest nearby and we can come out to take care of it for you. Sometimes if a nest can’t be located try hanging up plastic bottles with a little lemonade in to draw them away instead.


If you would like some advice about wasp nests or of course wasp nest removal, feel free to give us a call. Have an amazing summer! Remember we charge just £69 for guaranteed removal. Always happy to give advice too!

Remember Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal  £75 inc. VAT 

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